Angus has extensive experience in the studio working on an assortment of genres.  his professionalism and engaged approach are both reasons artists continue to work with angus.  he is efficient and always strives to achieve his best whilst contributing musically with his own sound.

he has the ability to play by ear and sight-read.  As well as being excellent at notation using sibelius and often arranging and re-harmonising popular music.  Angus has taken on multiple roles in the studio such as:

Recording artist

Session musician



assistant engineer


This gives him a balanced understanding of all the roles required in the studio and he is always excited to contribute in one of these ways or in multiple if required.  

©photo by sulli newberry

©photo by sulli newberry

©photo by george sztuka







latin pop





lead Vocals

background vocals

Grand Piano

Upright piano

fender rhodes

moog sub 37

 Roland Atelier 350C combo organ

Roland juno 106

Roland jupiter 8


roland jx-3p

During his time in valencia, spain at berklee angus has had the opportunity to work with and record with musicians from all over the world.  this exposed him to new grooves, melodies, harmonies and instruments.  However most importantly it has helped him learn how to communicate with people from all countries sometimes struggling to communicate with words but still managing to achieve the musical goal.  Some examples include the latin grooves of the canary isles and south america, the ragas of india and the compositions of iran and syria.  This eclectic experience gives angus skills that aren't comparable with any other experience and gives him a fresh modern perspective on the music industry which will help him form his professional platform.

Associated Releases

inclined - rei gyaamie 2018

Element x - alex blythe 2017

assosiated Artists

malena marcase 2018- present

marta bautista serrano 2018- present

rei gyaamie 2017 - 2018