The main values in life to Angus are music and love which he combines using his voice and piano to create a range of joyful and relaxing emotive songs which make the heart full. He creates music today for your tomorrow.


Angus Newman is an English singer, pianist and songwriter.  Angus grew up in Manchester and Toronto and has studied in Leeds and Hull as well as in Boston, USA. He is now based in Valencia, Spain. His music draws influence from artists including Tom Misch, Bruno Mars and Stevie Wonder. 

Growing up in Manchester he attended a school where students spoke over 50 different languages and half of the students did not speak English as a first language. This culturally diverse and enriching experience has influenced Angus’ music, where he strives to connect and bring people together no matter their race, religion, gender or sexuality. 

Angus is currently a Masters student at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, specialising in Contemporary Performance. Through his studies he has had opportunities to play with musicians such as Rocco Prestia & Jason Rebello. 

©photo by sulli newberry