Angus has worked as both a producer and an audio engineer.  The production element of his masters at Berklee have given him the skills to work quickly and effectively to a time schedule.

Angus' Strong Understanding in signal flow, microphone technique, gain stages, recording and mixing and studio etiquette combined with his Professional-level Pro Tools skills, including editing, automation, troubleshooting and file management make him an asset to the workflow of a recording studio.

He has the ability to work quickly and under pressure without losing focus  and uses a combination of hard work and exceptional attention to detail to complete any project he is faced with.

©photo by aidan fray


"i am versatile and work effectively at any stage of the recording process.  i always try to achieve my tasks with professionalism " - Angus newman

©photo by aidan fray

Favoured DAWs

Pro Tools


Proficient in



Izotope  plugins 


Previous desks

Solid State Logic: AWS 948

SSL Duality Delta 48CH SuperAnalogue Console

Avid S5

Avid S6

Avid 8-Fader D-Command  ES Main together with 16-Channel Fader Pack